Claiming your prize on Top Rated Club

Claiming your prize on Top Rated Club

Won a prize?


Here's a fast breakdown of the steps you need to take in order to redeem it and keep winning more prizes!

Most of the times we will email you a special discount code to redeem your prize. 

This code will be 99% off the original price, which is almost free. You might need to pay a few pennies to get the product. 

Redeeming your won prize using the code we emailed you:
1. Click the link in the email we sent to you, and then choose the product you won. Make sure you click the same product you've seen in the email we sent.
Sometimes you might see different products, or other variations. Remember your discount code will only work for the variation, or color, of the product we emailed you.
2. Click ADD TO CART
4. In the "promotional codespaste the UNIQUE one-time use code we emailed you.
Make sure you don't copy any spaces before or after the code, or it won't work.
5. This code is only valid for 24 HOURS!
The codes we send usually expire in midnight so you must take action right away. In other situations we are waiting 24 hours and then transfer the code to the next winner in the list so you must take action asap.
6. This code will lower the product price to a few cents.
7. Confirm your order and reply to the email we sent you with your ORDER ID so we know you claimed your product and we will not pass it to the next in our list.
Yes, you can also send us a screenshot of the order page, as long as the order ID is clear.
8. Share your success with our friends in the group, page and on your own social media account. This is the main reason for our club's existence in the first place!
Remember you are helping brands spread the word about their new product releases. Don't forget to add a tag #TopRatedClub so the world knows where you've got your prize :-)
* Unclaimed codes will be given to the next members in our list and your account might be suspended, so be sure you reply asap with your order ID to confirm.
Thank you so much for being a Top Rated member, and we can't wait to see you get plenty more wonderful great products like this.


Why 99% and not 100%?

Unfortunately Amazon doesn't allow its third party sellers to create 100% off codes. As most of our giveaways are fulfilled by Amazon, the most we can provide is 99% off the sales price of the item.


Will I encounter additional fees?

Not from our end. We have you covered for 99% off the original price. However Amazon might still charge you additional fees based on your location and status. You might be charged a sales tax, and if you're not a prime member, you are sometimes charged the shipping cost.


What to do if I don't want to use the coupon?

You must, SIMPLY MUST, notify us immediately in order to keep your account active with Top Rated Club. As we must provide an order ID for each coupon we provide, if you don't provide an order ID you might get your account suspended and will never be able to enjoy future giveaways and offers.

In case you decide, for any reason, you do not wish to take advantage of the coupon code, simply email us back and say you release the code to the next winner in the list. We will then transfer the code to them and your account will not be marked or suspended for not providing the order ID.


My coupon isn't working, why?

Make sure the following are correct:

A. You have used our link to arrive to the product.

B. You chose the correct product, please compare the main image on Amazon to the image we emailed you. Maybe you've added the wrong product to your shopping cart. Remember our code only works with the specific product you won.

C. Make sure you only added 1 unit, and it's the first time you're purchasing this product.

D. Make sure you copied and pasted the coupon code WITHOUT ANY SPACES before or after. Verify the first and last letters of the coupon code match the first and last letters in the pasted code area in your check out page (this way you know that no extra spaces were mistakenly added).

E. Make sure the code isn't expired. If you haven't used your code within 24-48 hours (or as noted in our email to you), it's either expired OR was transferred to the next winner in the list. This is why it's crucial you'll redeem the code within 24 hours and email us the order ID so we will not pass the code to someone else.

F. If you're still having issues to redeem the code let us know and we will check it on our end. In case the code has errors on our end we will send you a new code.


What happens if I don't provide the order ID?

If you don't email us back with your order ID then your account with Top Rated Club might be at risk.

Please understand that our sponsored brands are offering us a specific amount of discount codes and they require that we will send them back an ORDER ID for each coupon code so they can mark it and track it in their own system. When we don't provide the order IDs, our sponsored brands are assuming we did not provide all codes to our members and will stop offering us new codes for their new products in the future. So we must keep our club running smoothly and in order for us to maintain this high performance level all we ask is that you'll email us back with either your order ID or a screenshot of the order confirmation page showing your order ID.


I missed your email and now it's too late...

This happens. And there's nothing much we can do about it. However, you can definitely protect yourself from having something like this happen again. Simply follow these steps:

1. Search your email for TOP RATED and see all the emails you've received from us.

2. If you see our emails in your Promotions / Updates / Spam or any other folder then your PRIMARY INBOX make sure you move the emails to your primary inbox. Most likely you can 'drag and drop' them into your primary inbox (in gmail e.g.).

3. If you've found a Top Rated email in your SPAM folder, click it and then find the button that says REPORT NOT SPAM so your mail provider will know this email is not spam.

4. Add as a contact so any email from this address will not be marked as spam.

5. In gmail and other email providers you can also click the little 3 dots on top of our emails, once you open it, and mark the conversation as IMPORTANT. (Look for "Mark as Important" option). This way you tell your mail provider that our emails are important to you and they will most likely show them to you first.

6. Star our messages. Even if you delete or send them to archive later, still add a star to them. This will also make the mail provider understand you care about these emails.


If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us and ask! We are here to help!

Good luck and thank you for being a Top Rated Club member!

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